FJuly 29th(MON)   "Fureai" Party

On Monday July 29, Hiroshima Prefecture held the "Fureai Party" for the high school students of many countries including Japan and the host families at the Rihga Royal Hotel Hiroshima.

They danced "TANKO-BUSHI".
"♪Tsuki ga deta deta, Tsuki ga deta …"
had heard this at the Kona Hongwanji Bon dance.

When we went to the Itarian Restaurant with Jacob on the last day(7/28), My son "Tatsunori" asked Jacob "How about Japanese girl ?".
Jacob answered "Kawaii (Pretty)"

Jacob, How about this girl ?
He may be a good fashion model.
He was singing the Hawaiian song with his friend.

This hula dancer is Sherilyn Ide who is Jacob's friend.

 We have met Jacob and Sherilyn again about one year after. (In the house of Jacob on
 August 23 in 2003)

Right-hand side and front is Jacob's friend's Juliane Shindo.
With Masayuki.
Masayuki said last," I'm happy to be alive,
because I could know the connection
between both families".

Sorry only Japanese.
This is for the guests(readers) in Japan.