CJuly 28th(SUN)
Vol.1 The last day of Jacob's homestay has come.

On July 28 moning, my second son "Tatsunori" came to Masayuki's home to meet Jacob. (Left)
Tatsunori and Jacob like rock music.
We went to "Kaiten-sushi" dealer. Jacob said "I don't like wasabi"  "Wasabi kirai". Maybe  this four people want to say  "we feel full".
Lunch on July 28

After lunch, Jacob gave us many omiyages from Hawaii.
We were very surprised at the omiyages.
We much thank you for those omiyages from his families.
Now "Kona PONY Baseball" cap is in my favor, too.
Motonari is playing "Kendama" that is Japanese traditional toy.
Jacob tried "Kendama", too.
Jacob, Are you playing "Kendama" with Beau and Vincent ?