AJuly 27th(SAT)
Vol.1  Jacob got the super express "Shinkansen".

Jacob and Miura Family and Masayuki and Riho took the 9:55 super express for HAKATA.
And I moved my car to Iwakuni City in Yamaguchi Prefecture that is neighboring .
They got to Shin-Iwakuni station at 10:11.
And they got in my car again and went to the "Sanzoku restaurant."
Jacob, Did you teach "Shaka sign" to Riho in the train?

When we got to the "Sanzoku restaurant", the "Tanabata Matsuri" had been held there.
"Tanabata Matsuri" means "Vega festival".

←Mie was explaining to him about the festival.
We had "Sanzoku Udon" and "Sanzoku Yaki(Chicken)" and Sashimi of "Yamame fish" and so on in a cool room.
Riho was beating a Japanese Taiko.
The Sanzoku restaurant was a very strange and unique restaurant.


"Fusen-tsuri" means toy baloon lifting.