Sunday morning, it rained hard. When it stopped raining, I took a picture of Beau and Hirotoshi and Riho under the memorial pine tree.

After that we took him to the Fujimoto grave which is near Zaikan house to do a rubbing with paper and pencil of the family crest.

He is reading an English book "Snowman" for Riho.
After we got back from the grave, we taught him Japanese traditional card game. We call it "Karuta". He could do it at once, because he knows hiragana letters very much. Karuta is a traditional game in which people compete to pick up picture cards. And the picture cards have to match opening lines which are read out aloud by a referee from proverbs and ancient Japanese poems.

And then Beau gave us a lot of omiyages from Hawaii. We enjoyed those very much. Big Mahalo for so many omiyages.

About ten o'clock, we left zaikan's house for "Sanzoku Restautant" which is in Yamaguchi Prefecture. "Sanzoku" means "Japanese Bandit".
BELOW: This is a representative menu of Bandit(Sanzoku) restaurant which Beau had.

LEFT: Sanzoku-yaki(Chicken),  ABOVE: Sanzoku-musubi  BELOW: Niku(Meat)-udon
It seemed that he likes gyoza(Chinese ravioli). And he tried to eat "yamame fish" which is grilled with a salt. He said, "Too salty". But finally he could eat all. Yamame fish lives in the river of Japan.

And then we went to the Kintai Bridge which is near the restaurant.

You can see Iwakuni Castle on the top of the mountain behind.

He also crossed the Kintai Bridge and made it stronger.

With "my first son" Hiroaki and Riho. Hiroaki has met one of the family from Hawaii at last.