BJuly 30th(SAT)  A long drive A

After the visit to Nojima Fault, we went to the scenic point where we can see a world's best suspension bridge.

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge
LEFT:We are crossing Akashi Kaikyo Bridge to come back to Honshu.

After we returned to Honshu, we visited Himeji City which is in Hyogo Prefecture.
In Himeji there is the most beautiful and precious castle all over Japan. Fortunately Himeji Castle did not encounter war damage like Hiroshima Castle and others. Therefore it is very precious remains of an ancient structure.

Himeji Castle as a World Heritage and Japan's National Treasure
It took about two hours from Himeji to Hiroshima by car.  In this way we finished a long drive, which the distance was about 650 kilometers.

ABOVE:As soon as we came back to Hiroshima, we took him to sushi restaurant.

LEFT:He is sharing some magic tricks with the cards.

This night Tatsunori visited Zaikan's house to meet Beau again.

Marble seemed to be feeling good on his lap.