AJuly 30th(SAT)   A long drive @

"Ohayo, Beau." He is eating breakfast, which is an authentic Japanese breakfast.
The menu is.........Gohan, Misoshiru, Onsen-tamago, Shake(Salmon), Tofu, Okura.

He tried to eat many Japanese foods during his homestay.
RIGHT: He is eating Okura which is one of Japanese vegetables. He said to me, "good!".

This day we went for a long drive. We left Zaikan's house for Shikoku at 8:30 AM.
From Kurashiki in Okayama Prefecture we went along Seto-Chuo Expressway.
And we arrived at Yoshima about 10:00, which is in Kagawa Prefecture and is in the Inland Sea of Seto.

      Kitabisanseto Bridge

   "Kijoan" the Udon restaurant

We took him to the Udon restaurant to have lunch.

BELOW:This is a "Bukkake-Udon" with warm soup, which is the most authentic and the most popular in "Sanuki-Udon". "Sanuki" is an old name of Kagawa Prefecture. I like it very much. I usually eat a cooled one in summer. Beau chose a warm one.

A Famous "Sanuki Udon"

        Onaruto Bridge

After lunch we crossed the Onaruto Bridge and went to Awaji-shima which is in Hyogo Prefecture.

Then we visited Nojima Fault (Dislocation) Memorial. We had a severe earthquake in KOBE and Awaji-shima ten years ago and over 6 thousands people died.

This dislocation was made at the time of Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995.

We experienced an artificial earthquake.