@July 29th(FRI)

About 4:30 PM, I went to the hotel with Riho to meet Beau. Riho greeted him in English.
"Nice to meet you. My name is Riho. I'm ten years old. Welcome to Hiroshima."

After that I took him SOGO department store right away to buy some furoshiki. He bought fourteen furoshiki there as omiyage.
We are going to the parking of Hiroshima Prefectural Office where I parked my car.
He has just arrived at Zaikan's house.
Beau, welcome to Hiroshima.
Welcome to your mother land.


 He seemed to like omusubi very much.
We were planning to have a barbecue. It is a Japanese style barbecue.

LEFT:With Masayuki Jiichan
He played table tennis with Shunya, Fumiya, Motonari and Hiroshi, who is Mie's husband.
LEFT: Keiko is reading the letter from Claudia which I translated into Japanese.

Riho changed her skirt into yukata for him.
             Hirotoshi shared some magic tricks for Beau with a cigarette.